Privates / Floor Rentals


For children needing extra attention to learn a skill, or for those who learn better with individual/small group attention, privates are available with our trained instructors.  Please call the front desk at 717-838-0330 to schedule.

Prices. While our instructors set their own rates, on average the prices are as shown below:
1/2 hr for 1 student $25
1/2 hr for 2 students $15 each
1/2 hr for 3 students $10 each

1 hr for 1 student $40
1 hr for 2 students $25 each
1 hr for 3 students $20 each

Floor Rental / Open Mat Time

We offer open gym space to any teams and squads that are in need of a clean safe place to practice. Practice on a regulation size floor. Feel free to book as many hours as you need. The mat is all yours! Please call to schedule. Teams must provide proof of insurance.

​1 hour floor rental: $100
1 hour floor rental for a minimum of 8 hours per month: $75

Custom Coaching

Do you need help cleaning up your cheers and/or routines? Bring your team to Paramount, we can help. Paramount will provide an experienced instructor to help you and give you pointers. You will practice on our regulation size cheerleading floor.  Paramount is a great place to practice with a great instructor and improve!
Call for price.